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Alternative Fingerings for the Flute is a comprehensive guide to alternative, trill, tremolo and harmonic fingerings for the flute with easy-to-read diagrams.

Its Quick Reference section provides immediate access to trills, and basic piano, forte and harmonic fingerings. The second edition also adds a quarter-tone fingerings table, musical examples from the orchestral repertoire and solo literature, and more alternative fingerings, trills and tremolos.

altissimo fingering & trill charts

Altissimo Flute Fingering & Trill Charts

The Altissimo Flute Fingering Chart & Altissimo Flute Trill Chart are the perfect companions to Alternative Fingerings for the Flute.

The Altissimo Flute Fingering Chart is a subset of the Quick Reference section of Alternative Fingerings for the Flute, intended for both students and professional flute players alike. The fingering chart displays fingerings from B0 to G4, with special emphasis on the high register. Printed on both sides and made of durable plastic material, it is the perfect size to fit in any flute case for quick reference.

The Altissimo Flute Trill Chart is a guide for all trills, including those seen less frequently. The trill chart features easy to follow fingerings from C1 to D4, and includes options for the C#-trill key. It is printed on a handy plastic card that fits in your flute case.