The beginning of 2020 was unusual, to say the least. In February/March most of the world was asked to isolate. Concerts and classes at schools and universities got cancelled, and we had to learn a new way to teach and communicate our ideas at a distance. 

This strange period also showed musicians in general, and flutists in particular, how important it was to share our common knowledge and our art to support others and ourselves. We saw an incredible amount of generosity among flutists who offered video tutorials, live masterclasses online, live-stream concerts, and video interviews. 

These online projects made me want to contribute my grain of sand, and try to gather more of our collective wisdom through a series of interviews focused on inspiration and creativity.

Thank you, to all those flutists who have been contributing to our common betterment through Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and talent.

Nestor Herszbaum 


Robert Dick


Erica Peel